Wardrobe Assessment: Before we add, we must edit. This fashion journey begins by first assessing your wardrobe. We will breath new life into those statement pieces buried deep under your daily essentials and simultaneously retire the ones that you’ve outgrown

Private Consultation (in-home or in-store): Upon determining where the opportunities in your wardrobe lie, we will sit down and discuss the direction in which to take it. This critical step will allow us to determine the fashion that’s most befitting of your lifestyle and personality.

Curation Services: After our first two meetings, I can begin to curate the divergence of fashion brands that will allow me to execute our vision for your modern wardrobe. One day we may tackle work wear – the next, we may have fun with your smart, casual attire.

Private Styling (in-home or in-store): Upon determining that we’re comfortable with the progress of your wardrobe, I will adjust the nature of my style consultation to one-off, periodic follow-ups. This is my favorite part of my job, and I encourage you to share pictures and stories of how your family, friends, and peers respond to your new modern wardrobe.

Commercial Engagements: Alfie Walter has experience partnering with luxury brands, fashion designers and fortune 500 companies to foster broader brand awareness and connect these parties with a new wave of social media tastemakers and industry influencers.